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Question by Wasif: Pompano beach fishing?
I live in fl and I am going to pompano beach for fishing and can any one give me tips? I will be using a pyramid sinker with one hook and squid as bait. I will also be using 2 rods, is this a good tactic?

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Answer by Rudy
I’m not sure what kind of rods you have but here’s what would probably work best. Make up a 2′ leader of 30lb mono line. On one end put a 1/0 octopus hook and a barrel swivel on the other. Slide a 2oz pyramid weight on your main line, and then tie it onto the swivel. Use squid on one rod and something else, like a piece of frozen finger mullet or shrimp on the other. Change the size of the hook to match the bait. Pompano, whiting, grunts, sheephead, and a host of other fish will eat shrimp. Squid works but usually is ignored by the aforementioned species, except grunts.

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  1. Rudy has some good info.

    More suggestion’s???

    #1. I’d suggest you use a modified version of a Carolina Rig using a pyramid sinker instead of a barrel sinker.

    #2. Although you can use 30 LB mono for leader, you SHOULD have 12LB and 20LB Fluorocarbon leader line. Why?

    A. Fluro is the best possible leader material available due to it’s invisible and abrasion resistant characteristics. Having “invisible” leaders can be the difference between fishing and “catching”.

    B. When the fish are “on” using heavy duty (Mono) leader line can work, (25LB plus). However, your at the beach! There are no obstruction’s to entangle or abrase your line. Lighter leaders will always get more strikes. And getting a hit is better than soaking a line forever.

    C. 12LB Fluro leaders are (fairly) mandatory for a variety of smaller surf fish like Pompano, Croaker and Whiting. Some days they won’t hit any heavier leaders…….SO…having some on hand is a good idea.

    D. 20LB Fluro leaders (again) is mandatory. It’s rare you need heavier leader line for Surf Fishing. (If your pier fishing or fishing for toothy fish you would want to move up)

    #3. Leader length can vary depending on how aggressive the fish are. Typically an 18″ – 26″ leader length is vital to catching fish that may be over-fished or have tons of fishing pressure. (Fishing pressure is VERY common on the East Coast!)

    #4. Don’t just use/bring Squid as bait. Why????

    Squid can work, but, fresh dead shrimp and fresh (live or dead) Sand Fleas (crabs) typically work better. A smart (Surf) fisherman brings at least 2 types of bait.

    #5. Use Circle Hooks. Why? Circle Hooks require very little maintenance or “setting”.

    #6. In regards to using/bring 2 outfit’s- Use one outfit for bait. Use a different outfit for casting with lures, jigs and (possibly) live bait. Stick your “bait outfit” in a sand spike and leave it, (remembering that a circle hook will typically auto-hook any biting fish) THEN, use your “lure/Jig” outfit and walk up and down the beach casting either a 1/2 OZ Jig/Live Shrimp OR 1/2 OZ Jig/Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet.

    #7. If your really serious about catching fish making your own rigs is vital, (in my opinion). You can buy Pre-made’s, but, 75% of the time “rolling your own” will always procure bigger and more bites.

    Hope these tips help ya? For further info check this website-