Oct 052010

450 pound Goliath Grouper, Jew Fish caught by Justin on a Goliath Grouper Fat Cat fishing charter in St.Petersburg Florida. For more pictures go to fatcatfishingcharters.net picture page and get a close up view. Capt Jay Masters and Capt Brad Masters on Fat Cat fishing Charters in the Tampa Bay Florida area.

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  5 Responses to “450 Goliath on Fat Cat fishing Charters.Net”

  1. Book a charter with us and we will see if you can do it by your self. The reel is locked down tight and the Goliath is pulling the boat if you give him line he would go back into the wreck. The angler was also sore for two days after this fight. One crew member is moving the line back and fourth on the real.

  2. Why can’t the crew keep their hands of the rod during the fight? The customer is the guy who’s fishing, and the crew should just stay behind to give oral instructions and then take care of the fish when it surfaces.

  3. Yes u are right I also see the pattern a great one, getting the beast to the boat and letting the big boy go,good job for those men.yes you are right

  4. Fat cat makes memories that last a lifetime. Capt Jay

  5. Uh, I think we are seeing a pattern here. Fat Cat delivers Fat Fish! Amazing feat gentlemen getting that beast to the boat, and what teamwork.